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WWII Quarterly:

Fall 2010: “Nordwind: The ‘Other’ Battle of the Bulge (Overshadowed by the hard winter fighting in Belgium, the battles in Alsace-Lorraine were no less brutal


SKI Magazine:

Nov. 1992: “When America’s Skiers Went To War” (a brief history of the 10th Mountain Division and its post-war contributions to thesport of skiing in America)


World War II Magazine (Cowles History Group): World War II

Sept. 1987: “Mountain Breakthrough in Italy” (history of the 10th Mountain Division)

May 1992: “Bomber Stream Launched” (the first thousand–plane raid over Germany)

Jan. 1994: “Allied Agony at Anzio” (overview of the Anzio campaign)

Mar. 1994: “The Real Great Escape” (interview with Gen. A.P. Clark, one of the principals)

May 1994: “Airborne Flank Attack” (British parachute operations over Normandy on D-Day)

Nov. 1994: “Armament: The M4 Sherman Tank (development & deployment of America’s most famous tank)

Mar. 1995: “Remagen: The Allies’ Bridge to Victory” (capture of the first bridge over the Rhine River)

May 1997: “Bag Left Untied” (lost Allied opportunities at the battle of the Falaise Gap)

Feb. 2000: “Hell’s Commandos” (history of the 1st Special Service Force
–”The Devil’s Brigade”)

Mar. 2000: “The Liberation of Dachau” (based on a chapter in The Rock
of Anzio)*
*Awarded the National Distinguished Writing Award from the
U.S. Army Historical Foundation


WWII History Magazine (Sovereign Media)

Sept. 2002: “The Battle for Easy Red and Fox Green” ( 1st Infantry Division at Normandy)

Nov. 2002: “Storming Riva Ridge” (the 10th Mountain Division’s baptismof fire)

July 2003: “A Short, Sharp Engagement” (the battle for Meximieux, France)

Nov. 2004: “Ike vs. Rommel” (twin biographies of the main D-Day protagonists)

May 2005: “Victory At Last” (an account of the final days of the Third Reich and how the Allies sercured victory in Europe)

Winter 2005: “The Most Serious Reverse” (the destruction of the 106th Infantry Division during the Battle of the Bulge)

November 2006: “Hollywood Stars Go To War” (the contribution of moviedom’s talent to the war effort)

January 2007: “Running the Gauntlet” (the story of the Merchant Marine and the treacherous Murmansk run)

March 2007: “A Mountain Trooper’s Sketchbook” (a look at war artists, especially Jacques Parker of the 10th Mountain Division)

Oct./Nov. 2008: “Horrific Discovery at Buchenwald” (A revealing history of the Nazi concentration camp and its liberation by American forces)

December 2008: “Breaking Down the Door” (A detailed look at the heavy urban fighting for the German city of Aachen in the autumn of 1944)

January 2009: “One Man’s Call of Duty” (Lt. Buck Compton and the Band of Brothers”)

December 2010: “Every Man a Hero” (British commandos paid a heavy price during a violent raid on the German naval base at St. Nazaire)

December 2013: “Sport During Wartime” (Detailing professional and amateur sports and athletes in the combatant nations during WWII)

Colorado Heritage Magazine (Colorado Historical Society)

Summer 2006: “No Ordinary Day” (An account of a 1951 B-29 crash into a Denver neighborhood)

America-in-WWII-cover America in WWII (310 Publishing)
February 2014: “Welcome to Anzio” (covering the U.S. 45th Infantry Division’s contributions to victory during one of the most difficult battles of the Italian campaign)

WWII Quarterly
WWII Quarterly (Sovereign Media): Numerous articles and editorials